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Monday, March 19, 2007



I've been reading your blog for a while, it's very interesting.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about Apple. I have one and I love it. I was shocked when I found out that Abor doesn't work on Apple very well, especially when using Mozilla. Is Bill Gates himself paying them?


I'm a Mac addict myself, and being forced to use a PC to do my job is agony. The crashing, the not-as-user-friendly interface - it's all bad news. I agree that real estate needs to catch up and be more Mac friendly.

Mike Weiland

I've been accessing the MLS with my Mac with no problems. ABOR has a citrix client for the mac that will give mac users access. When the Intel Macs came out I upgraded my PowerBook and instead would run Parallels running XP and access everything that way. Glad to see there are more Apple users out there in this industry. At the first technology masterminds I was not the only one to pull out a titanium apple laptop, one other agent was smart enough to come prepared with a Mac.

Taryn Merrick

Bravo! As a Virtual Assistant to the Real Estate Community as well as the general business community, I have both a PC and a Mac. I look to the day when all PC apps can be run natively on Macs with no problems...

Braxton Beyer

For Zipforms, are you referring to the Citrix solution or is there something else that I have missed?

Dee Copeland

It's the Citrix solution. I use it, but would prefer to have full implementation because you can't email through Docusign yet. Many Mac users aren't aware that they can at least save create and documents in zipforms.

John Callesen

Are you saying that I can use my powerbook G4 that is not intel based and use top producer with just the download of Northstar?

Dee Copeland


Top Producer 8i just launched, so I use it on my Mac now. The only thing you can't do is sent emails because they use a proprietary application.

Kevin Wilhelm

Are you using the Northstar application for Microsoft Office & Internet Explorer, or are you running both OS & XP?

I'm trying to make the jump to a MAC, but I'm still a little nervous that everything will work.

Do you have any problems printing at your office to the network printer?


Dee Copeland

Hi Kevin!

I use a local printer at the office because the PC network printers aren't working. I have Office for Mac, which is really old, but it works.

All of my presentations are using Keynote, which you may recognize. Pages.app is pretty cool too for flyers.

John Callesen

How much does Northstar application cost?

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