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Tuesday, August 07, 2007



Where can I find a builder who is specializes in modular homes in Austin?

Dee Copeland

Alicia, depending on how nice you want the property, there's a few companies in town. They can build to your specs. The main problem is finding a lot without restrictions and that's affordable.

Central Austin land is quite expensive, but could be good for a green prefab build. Some lenders may classify prefab homes in the same as mobile homes, so that could be a turnoff to other buyers and cause problems.

Green Homes

I bought a nice plot just off the 620 and plan on ordering one or two of the new kithuas modulars.

There is still a lot of cheap buildable lots in Austin.

It takes a lot of coordination between your contractor, the city and what is available to build or to build on to.

Check out Modern Eco Homes for what you can actually order and build.

Dee Copeland

Two very nice buyers today told me that KRDB and Design Studio are building some cool looking modern prefab homes.

I'm checking into it asap. It would be very exciting to have them build. I may even do a spotlight on it.

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