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Saturday, October 06, 2007



I really like to know more about the neighborhoods. I have children so the parks and schools are always important to me. My husband and I are also foodies, so information about the 'hottest' local restaurants would be really helpful as well!


Thanks for all the great info in the blog. I'd love to hear how Texas, and Austin in particular, are fairing in comparison to other real estate markets around the country.
Another thing I'm hearing a lot of people talk about in Austin is the amazing condos under construction near downtown. How do the downtown condos compare with the one's just across the river? Which location is a better investment in your opinion?
Thanks again for the great Austin Real Estate Information

Dee Copeland

This is excellent input and is the direction we're taking with the blog. Valuable community, school and builder information is definitely needed.

We plan on spotlighting communities, builders and/or projects at least once or twice a week.


I would be interested in reading about special events in Austin specifically for families, singles, seniors, et al. I'd enjoy logging in to see an up-to-date calendar listing events in the area. It would be fun to see a historic section of the blog with before and now photos of historic Austin places. I'd also enjoy reading about some 'off beat' places and stories of hauntings, folklore, ghost stories and legends of Austin and Texas.

Alana Chandler

Great blog! I specifically search for news on Agave, Mueller airport development, Villa Muse and Fiore (the 5 star green rated development not yet broken ground)and also gather news on the Austin market so I will be checking in frequently for all your news. Thanks!


I would really like to know about the neighborhoods - what local businesses and schools are located nearby, what type of houses and/or condos are planned. Is public transportaion available?

Also, a calendar of events, especially free ones or family oriented events whould be great.

I enjoy reading your blogs!

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