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Monday, December 31, 2007


Phoenix az real estate

Always good to hear that markets are holding steady in this turbulent time. I had been hearing a lot of things about Houston going both ways, so this is definitely positive news!

Dee Copeland

Thanks for the comment!

I think it's easy to think that the market is doing really bad on the smaller level. The market didn't do extremely well, so it's considered "down". If you're a home owner and properties on your street take forever to sell, it makes you feel as if it's the "market" when your home is probably just overpriced based on current buyer habits.

I'm still going to invest in Texas. I'm won't go back to landlording anytime soon. If I were to invest right now, it would be loaning private funds on infill development. I'm testing an idea that I had called http://www.FreeEvictions.com to help provide alternatives to tired landlords.


Dee, why no update on the Austin market? Data is avalible, correct? I've found it on other realtor's blogs.


hello dee
i found your blog a while ago and i see it has continued to grow and flourish... The Houston market is still robust I am amazed, but there are a gang of homes on the market still! Perfect time to be buying!

Dee Copeland

Thanks, Tyron! I'm looking to post the updates soon. Looks like Austin stats for November should be out and I hope to have December soon as well.

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