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Monday, December 03, 2007



I am somebody who takes pride in keeping up with the gizmos available in the market. But it is my iphone which is the most important thing for me. Well, first and foremost it my best unwind tool, as music is somethings that really soothes me down after a hectic. However, talking business I also text message my clients as I get to communicate what is important without being nosey. Also, being an agent with resortscape.com My clients are mostly other towners and foreigners, so text messaging becomes more economical. I just don't know what I would have done without my cellphone.

Dee Copeland

I use text messaging in my business every day. If I'm in a meeting or class and get a call, I simply text message my client back unless it's urgent.I also send quick updates.

In terms of mobile marketing, there are a number of application providers in Austin alone working on great tools for small business owners.

Cecilia Sherrard

I love the technology we're given today and the options. It doesn't matter how savvy my clients are, they have a choice as to how to be contacted and how to contact. That's the best part still of having all the gadgets. There's still the option of older forms of communication. I'm seeing more and more buyers moving to texting especially throughout the 30 day closing stage for simple follow ups and reminders. It's very convenient especially when both parties are working and calling isn't always okay... Great post!


I think you're right-- the average consumer is becoming increasingly savvy about using their mobile phones for all kinds of internet and web access. It makes sense that they would want to access real estate listings using their mobile phones.

Our company has built a location-based mobile real estate search application for iPhone and the Google "Android" mobile phone platform. Our application (Puluwai: http://www.puluwai.com) allows people to search homes for sale near their current location (using GPS) or in their dream neighborhood.

This application is in beta testing now and will be available to consumers later this year on iPhone and Android.

Sumotext of Austin

There is another service in town that offers much more to the realtor. Sumotext of Austin provides auto qualifier questions that can be sent to the potential buyers, mobile phone tours that include details, pictures, etc., each property code comes with it's own mobile website and the leads can be sent to your email or mobile phone. http://www.79704.mobi/?SUMOTXT512

Sierra Night Tide

I disagree, I think DriveBuy Technologies is a much better service. It's very personable, friendly, easy to use and no BS.

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