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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Big Bear Real Estate - Tyler Wood

Very creative and to the point Dee. What about the correct price though? That should be #1 on the list. In my opinion, without the right price, nothing else you do will matter.

Dee Copeland

Thank for the comment! I think the point of the entire post is to price it well or lower the price. If sellers miss the mark, they have options, but buyer agent bonuses shouldn't be them.

I was in a market update class today and they stated that national builders had been offering 9-10% commission for agents here in Greater Austin for the past few years to spur rapid sales. I think that's absolutely ridiculous and only means they're charging you 9-10% more than what they can afford to pay.

They're getting pretty creative now that mortgages are tougher to get, but I hope they realize they only need to offer the best price for the features.

CJ Brasiel

Although I agree with you that the price should be right, sometimes the only way to get a stubborn , unrealistic seller to see the light is to get an offer. If the buyer's agent is worth their weight, they will advise an appropriate market value. When I can't even get the house shown because of the price, I offer agent incentives. When they call me to find out what the incentive is, I inform them that I will present ALL offers.

Sometimes there are reasons to work with an unrealistic seller. If they have multiple properties and building a relationship is better than a quick sale, I will deal with their stubborn traits on the first home.

It may not be a perfect way of doing business but not all agent incentives get passed on to the buyer.

Just a thought.

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