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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Christina Ethridge

"In fact, section 11-F allows the manager to pocket late charges, returned check fees, and other fees from bad tenants."

This makes complete sense. It's the property manager that expends time, resources and money when tenants pay their rents late or bounce their checks.

Dee Copeland

Hi Christine!

My friend and I didn't think this made sense because the property manager is the one who attracted and reviewed the tenant in the first place. I can understand if they had nothing to do with placing the tenant, but this seems unfair to give them compensation when the tenant doesn't pay. I thought the compensation was the 8% they're asking for plus the initial charge for putting the tenant in the property.

This means they can put a bad tenant in my property, then keep the fees even though I'm the one losing rents. I'd have to negotiate that one because I'd rather the manager just put a good tenant in the property so we can avoid late fees in the first place.


I am looking to lease my home in Colleyville, TX and have never used a prop management company before. Previously, I did it mostly myself. Has anyone had a honest and long lasting relationship with their Prop Mgmnt Co without junk fee and bad tenant/rental issues? Pleae inform.


John Ellis

I came across your article while searching for a way to launch a complaint about a company that I have used for the past 7 years. I am in the Military and was transfered after buying a home. I hired this company (Underbrink and Associates) to take care of my home and things worked out well up until the last year that I was with them. It got to the point where I could not get in touch with the property manager and my calls went unanswered. I eventually moved back into the house only to find that there was alot of neglect to the care of the home. As it stands, I just bit the bullet and took it as a lesson learned.

Dee Copeland

Wow. Thanks John, for sharing that. I think things are always fine if they go right, but when things go wrong and you need help, you have to look back at what was put in writing.

I've had bad experiences with property management companies myself, which is why I had to manage them for years until I sold in 2007.

Terry Family

Mr. Ellis,
I too am having trouble with Underbrink and Associates and ran across this the same way you did. I am not the owner of the home, I am the one leasing. They won't return calls, there are safety issues with the home etc. I have a friend in AP that was in your position with them and only got results after speaking with Navy Legal, housing, complaints with the BBB etc. I find it interesting that they don't even deposit my rent check till around the 15th or 17th of the month when I gave it to them a few days prior to the 1st of the month. That means that the owner of the home may be struggling to make a house payment on time? Bah! Am I correct guessing their location is Ingleside?

Terry Family

Mr. Ellis,
If we are speaking of the same Underbrink & Associates in Ingleside please let me know. Maybe we can help each other with this giant mess. I don't mind my email address being on here. It's [email protected]

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