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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Robert Grunnah

Thank you, Dee! We're very excited about the launch of Home Auction Live! and have 20+ listings for the first auction on March 1st. Please call 512-444-7799 or visit us at www.homeauctionlive.com - we expect the full list of March 1st properties to be on the website on Sunday of this week.

Dee Copeland

I think auctions definitely have a purpose, but the main issue is how much traffic you can generate. As long as you advertise well, you'll have enough interested buyers. If there's enough buyers, it's worth the seller's time. If not, they lose severely at auctions.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Linda Mardi

Agree - it's all about the marketing. Auctions provide an accelerated marketing value proposition to sellers along with a no-contingency sales contract that usually closes within 30 days after the auction. For buyers, it allows a transparent and easy way to buy without overpaying. No longer set by a seller's arbitrary asking price, the buyer orchestrates the deal.

I educate realtors/brokers and others throughout the United States on the fundamentals of voluntary real estate auctions. Next Austin class is coming up on Thursday February 28. Registration is on www.edzing.com. It's TREC approved and will offer 4 hours MCE. This is definitely a tool/service that more brokers and agents should become familiar with.

matt watson

i am tyring to buy a house next door to mine that is foreclosed and up for auction however, i have no idea of how to find out how to get in on the process. can you help or point me in the right direction?

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