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Friday, February 22, 2008


Dee Copeland

Received via email: "
Dee, great article about Mueller. What a terrific community. I visited the Streetman Homes there because they are the only 5-Star Green builder.....what a great home. They are really beautiful....so much warmer than most Green homes in Austin. Thank you for sharing this community with us.....keep up the blog!"

My reply: You're right. The Texas Hill Country Modern style is very nice and blends in with surrounding neighborhoods. For people who like this modern take on Crafstman, the Mueller development could be for you.

Dee Copeland

Received via email" DeeinAustin, I had no idea the homes at Mueller were so nice….and green! I thought it was only lower priced homes. The Streetman Homes you showed are really sweet! What a great thing for people wanting a home in Central Austin that is nice and not over priced.
Thank you for sharing……I'm a big fan!"

My reply: James, Mueller is the largest, most sustainable neighborhood in Austin. I hope to see others develop the building practices implemented there. I'm very happy to have been appointed to the City Advisory Board for Mueller. Austin had a lot riding on this redevelopment and looks like it was worth the gamble.

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