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Friday, February 15, 2008


Not a Mike Kelly Fan

Correct me if I am wrong but can't this crook just do business under someone else's name... like his father and Thanksgiving Mountain?
For all the harm he has caused so many people, is this really all that will happen to him?

Dee Copeland

I think the problem is that he is only banned from building homes. I got the feeling that it doesn't mean he can't work on a job site.

UPDATE 4pm: I read the TRCC agreement and it verified that he can't work for real estate entities in Texas. The problem, though, is that he can still build condos since that's not in TRCC jurisdiction. It also means someone would have to report him since there's no "TRCC police".

Dee Copeland

Here's another snafu...the Texas Residential Construction Commission has no jurisdiction over condos, so Mike Kelly will be at it again as long as he doesn't build HOUSES.

He can work on job sites as long as he builds condos. Wow.

Yet another Maravilla victim

Dee - thank you for bringing attention to the Maravilla fraud on your blog. You allowed victims to present their story to the public, when other media outlets seemed to ignore this travesty. Hopefully the pain that my family & many others have suffered will deter homeowners and investors from falling for similar scams in the future.


Let's hope that the TRCC action is just the beginning for these criminals - as I know law enforcement agencies are investigating.

Good luck to all that are now trying to pickup the pieces from this mess.

Dee Copeland

My heart goes out to the families affected by this. I know some initially didn't want the attention, but there was no other way to make the justice departments pay attention.

Christine Haas promised a follow up story that will air soon. I know this won't necessarily help your position and many of you did your due diligence. There's a lot of people behind you and I'll do what I can to keep track of this story. I won't forget the pain that Mike Kelly caused and I won't let this story drop until we see resolution.

This is just one single instance of good people being blatantly taken advantage of in real estate. Fraud is a lot more prevalent than we think and I'm one of the people who won't take it sitting down.

Paul Francis

Unfortunately I've come across developers that get banned from one state and just end up in another.

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