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Monday, March 24, 2008


Patti Herrington

Our market in Madison MS is going well. We do have a large number of homes on the market but are see a lot of these homes coming under contract.

Dee Copeland

Thanks Patti. I think there are some good markets in this country. We had the best of times and I don't think it's the worst of times yet.

I read an article yesterday that four Texas cities were the highest growth. http://tinyurl.com/38p3j5

Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are doing much better than most cities the nation, but we still have to be cautious. Too many buyers are trying to time the market. They need to get good data to make a good decision.

In some areas of Austin (micro-markets), the houses are actually getting more expensive since they're affordable. In Austin, people WANT to buy, they just may not be able to get a loan and, thank goodness, we have less speculative investors to compete with than in 2004-2006.

Unfortunately, in the areas where homes are selling below $200k, there's increased competition from investors and buyers who want to get a good deal. If homes sell for $300-350k+, things are a little slower unless that's under market in your area.

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