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Monday, March 31, 2008


Carson Coots

Congratulations Dee. I hope it will be a big success.

Dee Copeland

Thanks Carson!

The new site has been in the works for a while. We're going to do a slow rollout and will leave Texas Realty Blog up until we're sure we should redirect. We wanted to get our readers used to the new site and get their input.

The goal is to create a more user-centric real estate experience for those of us in Austin. Many of our readers have something to say and can better control the direction of the articles than we can. Many of you are also experts, whether you're officially in real estate or not.

We hope to change the way news is reported in Austin. It should come from the people, not just an editor. Maravilla story is an example. Even today, news crews have filmed important follow ups, but won't air the stories.

Copeland Group Publishing will own the new site, so we'll have more freedom on what we can publish or allow.


Have you moved to Austin yet? I think you said you were heading here from Houston a while back.

Dena Davis

Hi Dee, Your new site looks like it is going to be exciting. I cant wait to see it. Go Dee!!
You amaze me!


Dee Copeland

Thanks, Dena! You'd be a great member of the site since you're also an investment and East Austin expert.

I own EastAustinRealEstate.com and plan on launching a related site or sub-section later. Once Austin RE Today is going, we can start listening to our audience and whether the community desires specific niche topics.

William Jones

Hey Dee!

Congrats on the new website. Can't wait to surf. And I'm looking forward to the best part. My membership upgrades!

A True Real Estate Diva You Are!

Thanks for the referral. Pop Decor worked out great!

Jennifer Fivelsdal


Congratulation! you are alway thinking of innovative ways to keep the consumer engaged.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Paula Bayer Hobbs


Congratulations on nearing the launch of Austin Real Estate Today. The site is an outstanding source of information that is very much needed in the Austin Real Estate community.

Pop Decor

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