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Monday, March 03, 2008


Santa Fe Real Estate

I like the term - we've seen these same kinds of buyers in certain areas of our market too, but never thought of them as "Boomerang Buyers".

Dee Copeland

Thanks, Santa Fe. Your market is often similar to ours, but I'd wonder if they want the same finishes.

Hands down, the homes that are selling the fastest and for more money are the ones that incorporate these features. I noticed the phenomena the past few years and it hasn't slowed much. In fact, it seems that the mortgage market change increased this since they don't have problems qualifying.

Lance, Houston Real Estate Expert


What a great post...! So detailed.

Austin does have a cosmopolitan feel... actually, The Woodlands is building up a similar sort of reputation here just North of Houston.

One of our new developments - East Shore - is in fact very European in many ways.


Dee Copeland

Thanks Lance! I think people don't realize that each post takes at least 2 hours. Most take 3-4 and some market updates accounted for 8 hours of time.

I really liked this post because I don't think I've seen any resources really sum up who these buyers are and how to handle the trend. I did want to note that many Boomerang Buyers even keep an Austin cell phone number. Pretty cool!

Clara Spriggs-Adams


Thanks for investing enormous amounts of time to keep us informed. Your info is always up to date and relevent.


Erin Buck

Very interesting. I never knew there was a term for it! Thanks!

Dee Copeland

hi Erin! Actually, I hadn't heard the term either. It came from a "Generational Selling" class that I took.

Generation X was called the 'Boomerang Generation' because a large percentage would leave the "nest" and come back to live with their parents while they were either in college or moving to the next stage of their careers.

When I thought about describing these buyers, it seemed like they were leaving the 'nest' of the city they loved, only to come back once they grew up. :-)

Austin Urban Grid

I like this term "Boomerang Buyer" and the description. So may types of buyers out there and profiles like this allow the real estate industry to get a better understanding of what makes certain groups tick.

That way realtors and developers can offer specific concierge services to please these groups.


Spring is the time of year that real estate really heats up and 2008 is no exception for Austin real estate. Boomerang Home Buyers have a big effect on new construction and resale homes in Central Austin.

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