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Wednesday, March 19, 2008



This explains how the county can know how much you paid for your home even though disclosure is not required or explicitly collected by the state/county. The local MLS can disclose the information without many buyers/sellers noticing since there is no notice required/given. Thanks local MLS associations!


Dee Copeland

Hi! Thanks for commenting.

I think Texas appraisal districts often get access to MLS to see the value of the home. We really thought we were protected if you purchase a home cash or off MLS, but that isn't necessarily the case.

Either way, the whole non-disclosure thing makes Zillow really incorrect in some areas because homes are more often sold off MLS or with cash. Another instance where I've seen Zillow wrong is when it's a growing area and it's still using Tax records.

In East and Central Austin, tax records could be 2-3 years behind the true value. This is especially the case when you have rapid appreciation because Homesteaded properties are capped at 10% change in Tax value.

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