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Friday, March 28, 2008


Edward Lui

Dee, great follow up on this story. I applaud your efforts to cover issues that may be controversial and provide a great forum for people to exercise their first amendment rights.

Shame on lawyers that try to bully people like you with threatening letters when they should instead be focusing on doing their jobs and protecting their clients in the courtroom.

Dee Copeland

UPDATE: Michael Breon was convicted Friday on all charges. I can't find a press release so maybe the news will cover it later?

Also, thanks Edward for your support! I had to remove the info on the letter from the builder because Keller Williams needed to avoid a slander lawsuit. When they go to justice, I'm going to post their name.

Nashville Homes


yeah - thanks for sharing this - the community should be aware of facts like this in order not to get in trouble in the future


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